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Welcome note

I am pleased to note that you are a part of the community of the University of Dar-es-Salaam School of Law; as a student, contemplating to become one or an Alumnus.  This webpage provides a synopsis of the courses offered by the School and a variety of activities that the School has been engaged in or about to embark upon.

The School of Law is the oldest legal training institute in the Eastern and Southern African region. The School (then Faculty of Law) was established on Wednesday, 25th October 1961, about three months before the independence of the then Tanganyika to cater for the emerging newly independent States of East Africa, at that time comprising of Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika and Zanzibar. At its inception, the School was affiliated to the University of London and followed its curriculum.  Despite this affiliation, the focus of its curriculum was designed to cater for local situations that were in line with the aspiration of the newly independent States of the region. From inception, therefore, the School’s role was essentially focused on applied research out of necessity. It had to advise the government in the codification of customary law, integration of court systems and matters of constitution making. 

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The University of Dar es Salaam boasts over 55 years of providing legal education in Tanzania, Read more Deans’ Message

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