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  • Informality and Social Insurance in East Africa: An Assessment of the Law and Practice (contribution to a book- forthcoming).
  • Harmonisation of Labour Laws in the East African Community: An Assessment of Progress and Prospects (forthcoming).
  • Enhancing Legal Protection in Mixed Migration: A Critical Examination of the Legal Institutional Framework in Tanzania and Kenya (Law and Society Conference, University of Cape   Town, Nov. 2016).
  • Constitutional Reform in Tanzania: Developing Process and Preliminary Results (with U. Wanitzek), Verfassung un Recht in Ubersee (Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America), Special Issue (2015), pp 329-368.
  • Irregular Migrant Workers’ Access To Host Country’s Labour Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Experiences From The SADC, East African Law Review, Vol. 42, Issue 1,2015.
  • Making the EAC Regime Beneficial to Female Labour Migrants, African Journal of International and Comparative Law, Volume 24.4 (2016): 541–560.
  • “Development-Induced Development and the Law in Tanzania: Reflections from the Perspective of International Law,” Nyerere Law Journal, Vol. 2 (2014).
  • "Unblocking the Barriers: Making the EAC Regime Beneficial to Female Labour Migrants" available at content/uploads/2014/04/Working-Paper-Series-No-4-Juliana-FINAL.pdf.
  • “Evolving Standards on the Rights of Labour Migrants: Perspectives from the EAC and the SADC,” SADC Law Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2013), pp.182-211.
  • Confronting grand corruption in the public and private sector: A spirited new initiative from Tanzania (With Peter, C.M,), Namibian Law Journal, Volume 1 Issue 2, pp 49-71.

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