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  • “Freedom of Expression and Media Laws in Tanzania: A Critical Appraisal”, Media Council of Tanzania, 2011.
  • Foreign Investments and the Future of Customary Land Rights in Tanzania: Examining Legal Challenges under the Land Acts, Vol.2, Nyerere Law Journal, 2014.
  • Mussa, L., “Integrated Planning to Implement the CBD Strategic Plan and Increase Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change: Tanzania’s Contribution to the Convention on Biological Diversity and Aichi Targets 7 and 11”, International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2016.
  • Majamba, H.I., Longopa.E & Mussa, L., “Legal Review Note on the Re-Alignment of the Boundaries of the Kilombero Game Controlled Area”, KILORWEMP & MNRT, 2016.
  • Short-term consultant, “Land Use and Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment in Mpanda and Nkasi Districts”, International Union for Conservation of Nature – Tanzania, 2016.
  • Majamba, H.I. & Mussa, L., “Integrated Spatial Planning Study: Case Study of Tanzania”, International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2015.

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