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The East Africa Law Review Vol 43(1) is out with the following articles;

A Reflection on the Theories Regarding Nature and Development of Contracts in the Context of the Twenty-First Century’s Challenging Environment

Deo John Nangela 

Some Reflections on the Position of Crime against Humanity under the Ethiopian Law
Shewit Kahsay

Competition, Trade Competitiveness and Regional Integration: Examining the ‘Intra-African-Trade Relations’
Deo Nangela

Forfeiture of Criminally Acquired Property in Tanzania: Some Reflections on Historical and Socio-Economic Factors
Abdulrahman O.J. Kaniki

The Use of Social Media in Conducting Legal Research in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges
Goodluck Temu

Turbulent Relationship between Africa and the International Criminal Court: The Future of Human Rights and Court System in Africa
Bilal Mohamed & Ally Possi

The Naming of Culprits by Dead Men: A Forensic Approach to the Crime of Murder in Mainland Tanzania
Petro Protas

Control and Change of Control in Regulation of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Reflection on the Fair Competition Commission’s Practice
A. S. Mlulla & D. J. Nangela

Village Land Management and Administration in Tanzania: The Autonomy of Village Councils
Aron Kinunda 

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