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This program provides trainees with both advanced and specialised knowledge of rules of practice and procedure in domestic courts, international arbitral tribunals, as well as regional and international judicial bodies.

Specifically, it seeks; 

  • To provide advanced training specific procedural issues in criminal trials and civil litigation,
  • To expose students to procedures applicable in proceedings before specialised branches of the High Court and other judicial bodies, 
  • To provide trainees with knowledge of the rules, procedures and skills, for settling commercial disputes before international disputes settlement mechanisms, and 
  • To equip trainees with knowledge of rules and procedures followed before international public law bodies including regional courts, human rights bodies and international criminal tribunals.

Some of the compulsory courses in this program include;

  • Advanced Civil Procedure 
  • Advanced Criminal Procedure
  • Procedure and Practice in International Judicial Bodies
  • International Arbitration Law
  • Graduate Research Seminar
  • Graduate Essay.    

Further details of this programs are found in the Postgraduate Prospectus. 

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