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On 13th of November 2018, Francis Sabby, a staff of University of Dar es Salaam School of Law, was awarded a PhD in Law of University of Dar es Salaam. Dr. Sabby has done an extensive research titled 'Approximation of Competition Rules within the EAC Partner States: A Case Study of Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda'. Dr. Sabby's thesis is unique in the following ways. First, he looks into competition law, a field that has not been well investigated in Tanzania, yet very important for promoting economic development. Second, his study provides comparative perspectives in the EAC. Of what is interest is that Dr Sabby looks into Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, three countries in the EAC but with different legal culture, Rwanda being a civil law jurisdiction while the rest follow common law system. This means with Dr. Sabby's thesis, we are able to learn how different legal systems may be approximated and harmonised for a greater good of the EAC. 

We congratulate Dr. Sabby for this achievement. Below are some pictures of his graduation. 


Francis Sabby approaching the Chancellor for the award of his PhD in Law


Francis Sabby being awarded a PhD in Law by the Chancellor of University of Dar es Salaam, H.E Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.


Dr. Sabby shaking hands with the Chancellor after being awarded a PhD in Law


Dr. Sabby's colleagues also attended his Graduation Ceremony. From left are Dr Baraka Kanyabuhinya (Head of Private Law Department), Dr. Theodora Mwenegoha (IP-Manager, UDSM), Dr. Juliana Masabo (Associate Dean-UDSOL), Dr. Sosteness Materu (Head, Public Law Department) and Dr. Bonophace Luhende (Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, UDSOL)

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