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This is to inform the School of Law’s community, the University and the entire public that our colleague, Mr. Jaba Shadrack, has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Warwick Law School, UK. His thesis is titled “Privatised Policing Duties in a Constitutional State: The Case of Postcolonial Tanzania in Socio-Legal Context.”

In the dissertation, Jaba makes a great contribution to our understanding of plural policing in a postcolonial State context where State-builders chose to ban non-State actors in the Constitution. Still, we continuously rely on them to meet security needs. He advocates for a new paradigm, namely State-controlled plural policing and claims that it is politics and State ideology (not law) that determine, manipulate, and shape the policing scene in Tanzania.


This work, the first of its kind in Tanzania’s settings, builds on and departs from well-known frameworks that view the act of policing in Africa as plural, multichoice, anchored, networked/nodal, assemblage, hybrid, multilateral, fragmented, and order-making. Jaba’s contribution to policing literature is manifold. In his State-controlled plural policing theory, he: -

  • Captures State-run commercial security companies and services under the umbrella of private policing. 
  • Lifts a vigilante tag/label on quasi-police and community-led security groups because the government is embedded in these actors or generates them. 
  • Shows community policing as a policy that creates a link or blurs a line between public and private sectors, community/voluntary and commercial, and global and local efforts. 
  • Points out and explains a complex set of laws and policies that embrace both State-centric and liberal approaches to policing as well as the entanglements of new and old laws and policies.
  • Demonstrates the centrality of a semi-autocratic form of government, local politics, and geopolitics (not law) in organising security. 
  • Explores the exact contours and intricate web of security actors from the pre-colonial to post-colonial periods.

We all congratulate Jaba for achieving this Milestone!

Prof. H.I. Majamba


22nd June 2020

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