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Members of Staff of the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law are happy to learn of the reappointment of Prof. Hamudi Ismail Majamba as the School’s Dean for a second triennium (2018/2021). Prof Majamba’s first triennium ran from 2015/2018. During this period, Prof. Majamba dedicated his mind, time and energy in delivering effective leadership to the School. We have witnessed tremendous transformation: improved working environment, increased working morale, intensive development of human resources and above all, inclusive leadership where all staff members formed an essential base for the School’s decision-making process. During his period of leadership, we have also evidenced improved School’s involvement in students’ affairs and engagement with University Management for the benefit of the School.

Prof. Majamba holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B-1992) [First Class], (Hons.)  University of Dar es Salaam; Master of Laws (LL.M-1994) Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada; Certificate in American Law and Legal English, University of Delaware, Delaware, 1996 and Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D-1999), Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Prof. Majamba’s scholarship is ubiquitous in the fields of natural resources law, environmental law and legal research and drafting. He has researched and published extensively in these areas, conducted several consultancies and delivered national and international lectures and seminars on the same.

We at the School of Law happily welcome his reappointment. With him at the helm, things can only be better. We are therefore looking forward to a more effective leadership with even more improved working and teaching conditions. We undertake to support him fully in his efforts to make the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law a better place to work in.

Congratulations Prof. Hamudi Ismail Majamba and Best Wishes!



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